Cotacachi Quality Homes

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Exquisite South Western Adobe Style Executive Home


Escape the U.S. and live in a tropical land on just your Social Security ! 

Join the many who have found this far-away hidden gem in Cotacachi, Ecuador !


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Our one of a kind house sits atop the hill at the entrance to Cotacachi where the unspoiled views of Mt. Imbabura and Mt. Cotacachi can be enjoyed daily. Where the sunrises and sunsets will engulf and relax you. Only a few locations offer such incredible vistas as ours.

We utilized solid brick construction throughout the entire house. We have solid hardwood floors over an inch thick on the staircase and the entire second floor. The ground level is laid with a high quality and high gloss porcelanato floor tile on the first floor. This house has an amazing wow factor from top to bottom! 

Built to North American standards with external ventilation of plumbing, large sized doors, familiar counter heights and UL approved electrical receptacles, copper hot and cold water pipes are imbedded on the exterior of the solid brick walls. Huge windows allow for perfect views and added solar gain with Cotacachi's year round spring like temperatures. The office area is centrally located on the first floor with a huge picture window. This custom designed and professionally built home is a retiree's dream! Our location offers quiet, seclusion, great neighbors, open vistas and a spectacular 360 degree view of the Andes. The second floor patio/terrace has a beautiful overhead trellis for shade and sun protection and is a secluded, peaceful and serene area for relaxation, reading and meditation. The patio/terrace wraps around three sides of the house for unspoiled views of the entire Andes. This entire house was built with relaxation in mind.

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Stonehenge of Cotacachi

Secluded second floor terrace.  Enjoy the setting sun as it sinks behind Mt. Cotacachi.


Relaxation this is the key to retirement.

Slow down.

Slow down

Enjoy !

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The twin corbels were hand carved to simulate wood.

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Your view of the partially hidden Mt. Cotacachi from the privacy of your own secluded vantage point.


Cloud covered Mt. Cotacachi as viewed from the opposite end of your wrap-around terrace.


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One of many custom creations hand formed from cement

Congratulations to Robert y Margoth

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My personal recommendations of approved tradesmen

During the construction of this home the following individuals displayed quality workmanship above others in their field and I want to personally thank the following individuals for their contributions:

Muebleria David-Interior wood work, cabinetry         0995254434   062554125
Ramiro Manosalvas- Steel security protection           0993067746
Wilson - cement work/stucco             0939034515                                                              

Great job guys!
Thank you,

 Ray and Sandy
Retire in Cotacachi, Ecuador where the weather is near perfect year round! Cotacachi is located north of Quito and offers a slower pace of life,  lower cost of living and is ideal as your second home. ...More

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